What and Who Are MIDI Samples?

MIDI Samples are a collection of over 2200 royalty free MIDI files, written and performed by top tier musicians and curated to maximize creativity and ease of use.

Divided into three packs (Drums, Bass, and Keys), the collection covers a range of styles such as Jazz, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, and Rock. But given the flexibility of MIDI, these packs would prove useful for any style of music production.

The Art of Audio Sampling Finds Authenticity in Imperfection.

And with MIDI Samples, we hope to combine the spirit of sampling with the freedom of choice provided by modern MIDI editing and virtual instruments.

Throughout the collection, an emphasis has been placed on preserving the feel and groove imparted by the original musicians. In short, MIDI Samples are unquantized but not unrefined.

How They Work.

Each MIDI file in the collection contains a unique pattern, loop, chord voicing, or solo line, organized for your convenience and ready to be dropped into a track.

All files are based in the key of C, but can be seamlessly transposed to fit any composition.

MIDI Samples can spur inspiration and become the core of a song, or add an extra splash of color to a work in progress.

How you use them is entirely up to you, but MIDI Samples are sure to be a welcome addition to your sonic toolbox.